Our Story

Our aim is to create a straight forward range of simple, great quality linen at a fair price. We use 100% pure organic cotton which is ethically sourced and with attention to detail transformed into the most comfortable products you will ever use.

We weren't always textile experts and we haven't always lived in Australia. Both of us came to Australia and found the change in environment caused us allergic reactions in one way or another. Good organic cotton is a good place to start to reduce allergies, it's naturally hypoallergenic, breathes well and is comfortable in the heat. It can also be very expensive.   In our searches we found the prices did not seem to match the products well and that prompted us to create Linen Republic. We have done all the foot work so you can enjoy a great quality pure product & we hope you enjoy it and tell all your friends.

Happy Shopping
Sascha & Tristan
Co-Founders of Linen Republic