What to check when buying bedding

What to check when buying bedding

Check the material

Materials make all the difference when it comes to bedding.  Cotton has been used for generations and is a reliable comfortable material .  Longer staple cotton like egyptian cotton and pima cotton makes a smoother stronger, more luxurious material.  Different mixes of material can suit different purposes.  Although polyester does not breathe as well as a natural fibre or feel as natural it is a very easy material to avoid creases with and is a very easy material to look after.  Some companies including Linen Republic sell some mixed material sets which will include both cotton and polyester blended together to give customers the best of both worlds.  A great feeling material which can be easily cared for and kept crease free.

Check the thread count

The benefits of different thread counts can be down to personal preference.  Although it is good to know what the thread count is so you know if it suits your taste.  Thread count also allows you to gauge what value for money you are getting and what the cost should be.  1000TC Egyptian cotton is a very high thread count and makes for a strong high quality material, although in summer some may find it a little heavy.

Check the weave

The two most common weaving techniques used are percale and sateen.  Our luxury range are woven sateen sheets as it produces a smoother material.  Percale is a simple crossing pattern of weaving whereas sateen drops every second loop which makes it noticeably softer. 

Check the size

Always check the size of the sheets you are buying to ensure they will fit your mattress or quilt.  All Linen Republic bedding is made to Australian sizes.  Our fitted sheets have a 40cm depth which gives them plenty of material to fit over most mattresses on the market, although please do check before ordering.

Check the return policy

The returns policy is always important.  Buying online it is hard to be 100 percent sure that colours will suit your existing furniture and space.  Linen Republic have a 30 day return policy if you do not like the colour or feel of the materials.  All bedding must be in its original condition and packaging when returned to receive a full refund.  We know buying online can be awkward and we endeavour to make the process as straightforward and worry free as possible.

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