The Benefits of Pure Cotton Sheets & Bedding

Cotton is comfortable, natural, breathable & hypoallergenic.  That makes it a perfect material for bedding for anyone & especially those with sensitive skin or allergies.   Pure cotton bedding wicks away moisture and helps regulate temperature keeping in warmth and also maintaining cool in the heat.

Pre cotton Sheet sets are made of a natural fibre which has been used for thousands of year.s  Which means it has been tried and tested as bedding more than any other material in use today.  Pure egyptian cotton bedding has been used for over 5000 years, since 3400BC!   The hot Egyptian weather makes for the perfect place to prove the cooling benefits of this fantastic material.

The difference between egyptian cotton and other cottons is the long staple of this material.  This means when the staples are woven together it makes a smoother and stronger more luxurious material.  The amazing quality of this material means it is used in the finest hotels and has become a household name.   There are new natural fibre alternatives on the market  including bamboo.   None of these have the recognition of egyptian cotton which holds its place as the premium choice for a comfortable nights sleep.  

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